The Start

Investing is tough – no doubt about it. People, who are just getting started with investing, find it easy. They think they have figured it out until they realize they haven’t, and then the flywheel of learning starts. The idea is to stay humble and keep learning. When you feel you have figured it out, remember that a lesson is right around the corner.

I started my journey around 8 years ago, when one of my colleagues told me about technical trading, I felt I had discovered the fire. I started the process, made some money initially, and then realized I am my biggest enemy in this game. I think that was an important lesson. Anyways but then I started losing money and lost way more than what I made. I got scared of the whole thing, and left it – in the end, the technical trading wasn’t for me.

It was in 2018 when I heard about Warren Buffet, and started listening to his talks – that got me intrigued. I tried to read and listen to everything Warren ever put out in media for the audience. That was a great start for me. Really the idea is so simple: don’t think you are buying a stock but the whole business. If you would be comfortable buying the whole business at that price, you should own that stock, otherwise, please stay away from this game.

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